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5 out of 5 stars!

Derrick went above and beyond - He walked me through a problem I had with my toilet over the phone to get half of the problem solved. He came out on either a Saturday or Sunday and did not charge me an arm and a leg. He knew the position I was in, so he charged me a little less. He was pleasant and great. Derrick went above and beyond. It was very smart business - Shirley

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Melody C

I really appreciated the work and service that Barry did at our home. I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful he was.

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I highly recommend Alligator for sewer and drain work! They were clean efficient and affordable.

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He was very thorough and I appreciated his tenacity and his – I had a very tricky, confusing issue--probably multiple issues. Steve really took the time to figure it out and finally solved the preliminary problem of a frozen pipe.

He was very thorough and I appreciated his tenacity and his communicating the various problems to me as he encountered them.

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Our drains were unclogged quickly – We had the impression that the team was trustworthy and capable at all times. Zak took the time to explain to me and my wife what needed to be done, and the outcomes. Charges were reasonable given the scope and quality of work.

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They were prompt. They came right out when we needed them. The price wasn't out of line. They were here on time. They were very professional. They knew what they were doing. They took care of it and made sure it was done right. I would use them in the future.

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Alligator is very prompt and efficient . the prices are reasonable for the jobs they do. they are professional and will do the little things that are needed. i would use this company again.

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Thanks for a job well done, we will call you back for our next drain cleaning!

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I don’t usually post reviews on-line, but I am making an exception because I was so pleased with All Alligator Sewer and Drain service. I had a main sewer stoppage the morning of my daughter’s fifth birthday party. Panic time! Of the three plumbing companies I called, this one answered with a live person and dispatched a plumber within the hour

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Stacie Beers

My sinks weren't draining properly and had a nasty odor. I needed a plumber to have a look. My husband called Alligator Sewer and Drain who unclogged drains and did some drain cleaning as well. Problem solved in no time at all and very cheaply.

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David Thompson

After some heavy rains, my sewer seemed to be blocked and was backing up in the toilet, shower, and sinks. I called Alligator to see when they could tend to the issue. They came out that same day and resolved it. I will be definitely using them again if the occasion arises.

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Gary Smith

Sewage back up is no joke. It's smells and is a health hazard. We called the plumber, Alligator Sewer and Drain to see if they could come that day. They did, fixed the issue and left behind a very relieved family.

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Andy Geyer

I was recently looking for a good plumber to give my house a good drain cleaning. Water was draining too slowly and a nasty smell was developing. I called Alligator Sewer and Drain who fixed the problem that same day. I'd recommend them to anyone.

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Mark Webster

I generally call Alligator Sewer and Drain to check all the line of my house. I thought they are very professional and thorough in conducting the annual inspection. His concern was focused on service and safety which I appreciated very much. He answered all questions and took as much time as needed to work through the options needed.

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Hunter Burns

Best of the Bunch! Our shower drains were clogged and backing up so we called Alligator Sewer and Drain and he quoted a price which was very, very reasonable considering what other plumbers charge. Within approx one hour (on a Saturday) they arrived and got to work. They were very careful in all because my building was too old.

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Lana Gregory

I had a problem with my washing machine; it was leaking everywhere when it was draining. I saw the plumbers Alligator Sewer and Drain on the internet and then I called them to come in my house. They came and fixed my washing machine with no surprises. I will call them again in future.

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Meta Voss

I called Alligator Sewer and Drain last week and the plumber was a great man. He could diagnose the problem and solve it very quickly and then he advised me how to keep it from happening again. It's been almost a week since he unclogged the drain, and I'm still enjoying being able to pour water into one side of the sink without seeing it comes up in the other side.

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