Sewer Repair

Fixing your sewer shouldn’t be a costly mess with upturned gardens and ruined lawns. When you call Alligator Sewer and Heating, you can count on us to quickly and effectively repair your sewers while respecting and protecting your yard.

Our well-trained professional plumbers can help you with:

1) Clogged Sewers
2) Broken sewer lines
3) Tree root intrusion 
4) Worn concrete side sewers 
5) Pipe and side sewer line location

We offer an array of services and the latest technology to remedy any sewer problem, including: 

1) Hydro-Jetting 
2) Rooter Services 
3) Camera Line Location and Inspection
4) Trenchless Piping Services
5) Pipe Bursting
6) Pipe Lining

In order to minimize disruption to your property, our line location capabilities enable us to pinpoint your underground sewer problems before any digging occurs.

Trenchless Piping 
Trenchless piping allows us to replace or repair your sewer without unearthing the whole line, which can spare your yard, landscaping, or driveway from expensive and unsightly excavation. The two types of trenchless piping include pipe bursting and pipe lining.

Pipe Bursting
Pipe Bursting is the process of digging a hole at each end of the sewer line that needs to be replaced. Next, a cable is sent through the old line. The cable is then attached to the new pipe and pulled back through the old pipe by a powerful hydraulic piston.

Pipe Lining
Pipe Lining is another useful method of repairing cracked or broken sewer pipes. Rather than pulling an entirely new pipe through the ground, pipe lining involves inserting a new composite lining through the old pipe using compressed air. The result is a seamlessly re-lined pipe. This method typically only requires a single hole in the ground, unless a lateral or adjoining sewer line needs to be reinstated. Pipe lining can be an excellent trenchless piping option, depending on the condition of the problem pipe.

For more information on how we can repair, replace, or re-route sewer lines at a reasonable price, call Alligator Sewer and Heating Repair today at (206) 784-3552.

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